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Sunday worship looks like this:  We sing hymns and songs throughout worship. accompanied by piano or keyboard. We usually sing a liturgy.  Three Biblical readings are heard, along with a psalm.  There is a sermon and after that there is a story for all ages for children.  We pray together and some of the prayers come from the people, others are spoken by the worship leader.  An offering is received. Often a choir sings, and sometimes a chimes choir plays.  Holy Communion is celebrated almost every Sunday.  A sending song and blessing sends us on our way after the Communion.

 On almost every Sunday, there is a fellowship time following worship including coffee, juice and something to eat.

The duration of worship is usually an hour.  Children are welcome at all stages. Everyone who wishes to share in the Holy Communion is welcome, including children.  Grape juice is offered as an alternative to wine.  Gluten free bread is available.